Welcome to Dunk's Green Free Church

Dunk's Green Evangelical Church is the last remaining independent village church in the Tonbridge and Sevenoaks area.  First established in 1839, today's church remains true to its founders'  original vision -- to preach the full Gospel of Jesus Christ and to encourage local people to seek and trust Him alone for their  salvation.

                                 Christmas  Carol Service

Friday 16th December 7.30pm

               All are welcome to join with us to once again                  remember with awe, the coming to this earth of the Son of God.               Who came not for Himself but for us, to live a perfect sinless life    in order to save mankind.

Most people have no idea Why they need saving and What they need saving from. But the very fact that the Son of God needed to come in the first place indicates that we were in such a catastrophic situation that we could never resolve ourselves.

In this short preface a complete answer toWhy isn't possible, but briefly to say that we are all sinners.  Take a look at your own life, have you broken God's unchanging law? Lied- Cheated- Stolen, committed Adultery, used the Lord's Name as a swear word, to name a few- Then you are in trouble. What we see as normal and of little consequence is a cosmic crime against a Holy God, and we have no ability to wipe the slate clean, no penance, no trying to turn over a new leaf will change it. The Judge cannot let us go free, the law has been broken.  

                 And the What do we need saving from, is the Judgment to come, the punishment for breaking God's eternal law. An example to show the enormity of the crime we have committed, and continue to commit, can be illustrated by looking at the title given to an Assassin, he is classified as different from others who have committed murder because the one he killed was in a position of authority, is high ranking.

Measure that by the crime we have committed against the One Who is eternal and Holy, the Creator who has total authority and The judgment against such a One is eternal with no escape.

That is WHY Jesus came. For 33 years He lived on this earth and          kept the Law of God, obeying His Father perfectly.                  He was our substitute, when He died on the cross He fulfilled the      prophecies that were written thousands of years before.          Jesus was not a victim, He came to die for us all.

            Now we have only two choices: All who repent of their sin and accept Jesus's sacrifice for themselves will have their sin removed, they will receive eternal life now, and be received into heaven when they die.  But for those who refuse His way of salvation they will bear their own punishment, which is eternal death in Hell.

This is not a palatable word for Christmas, but it is a true message of love and concern for all- because the true reason of WHY He came, and WHAT He saved us from has been lost under all the nice, lovely and good things we enjoy at this time, and this awesome event could pass without you ever experiencing its powerful, life changing message, and the truth that none of us can guarantee what life holds for us tomorrow.

May the truth of Why Jesus came be revealed to you this Christmas and change your life and your eternal destiny forever.

The purpose of Dunk’s Green Free Church is to preach Christ Jesus and Him crucified– God’s only solution for man’s eternal destiny.

All are welcome to join us as we meet for worship every Sunday morning at 10.30 or for an informal Bible-study and prayer on Friday at 2.15  

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Need prayer for any matter?  Interested, concerned or confused about the Christian faith?  Think all religions are the same?  You can contact us in complete confidence via our online e-pastor service.  We promise a considered, prayerful and Biblical reply.   e-mail epastor@dunkschurch.org