Were Crucified that day TWO guilty One was pure.                                  The hostile crowd, the priests and guards,                        Reviled and mocked and cursed. 

                          The first THREE hours of agony                                                     TWO men poured out their venom,                                               One man screamed and cursed the Lord                                                     and sealed his final doom.                                                                        but One cried out-                                                        "Lord remember me when to Your Kingdom come"                                       And through His pain and agony                             the Lord just turned and spoke 

         "Truly today you shall surely be with Me in Paradise"                                  What mercy shown at the gates of Hell                                                   One repentant thief was Saved                                                         At noon the sun turned black as night                                                  THREE hours the earth was dark.                                                      In those dark hours Jesus took                                   God's wrath against our sin


  Then as the sun regained its light a triumphant shout was heard                                    "IT IS FINISHED"  Jesus cried                                                  Then bowed His head and died.                             Just as He died an earthquake struck the rocks were split apart        and in the Temples Holy place the Veil was torn in two. 

                          Those Roman soldiers at the cross                                                        who nailed His hands and feet,                             Were filled with dread and terror as the ground began to shake.

  One Centurion watched Him die, shaken by what he witnessed                        The darkness, earthquake, splitting rocks                                                  when Jesus breathed His last.                                       And falling to his knees cried out-           

                          "THIS IS THE SON OF GOD"                                  On that unique unrivalled day TWO different men were saved                          ONE thief believed and went to Heaven                     ONE officer of Rome.

 They laid Him in a borrowed tomb with soldiers sent to guard it.                       But on the THIRD day Jesus rose                               Triumphant from the grave. 

     He broke the power of sin and death to set us sinners free!        

                     We like those men will one day stand                                                            Before the Son of God                                                                    No longer on a Cross of Wood                                               But on His Judgment Throne                  

       Alone we'll stand before the King, our sin will be exposed                                     Repent and turn to God today,                                     Escape the wrath to come.         

             Jesus said "I AM the Way the Truth and the Life                   no man comes to the Father except through Me. John 14:6 

                Whoever believes in the Son has Eternal Life                                         Whoever rejects the Son will not see life                                                but the wrath of God abides on him.                      John 3:36



                     Welcome to Dunk's Green Free Church

       Dunk's Green Evangelical Church is the last remaining independent village church in the Tonbridge and                           Sevenoaks area.  First established in 1839, today's church remains true to its founders'  original vision --                                          to preach the full Gospel of Jesus Christ and to encourage local people                                                                                            to seek and trust Him alone for their  salvation.